Friday, August 9, 2013

The very best good bye

A great good bye is hard to come by, and yet so incredibly important. I can think of a few awesome ones in Berkeley but after that little kids and dozens of details to attend to were getting in the way of a formal sendoff. This one caught me off guard, but couldn't have been better. Heather came over at the crack of dawn to get the Infinity and Winnie to drive to San Antonio ( bless her soul !) As I waved them off - and Winston had a Fabulous startled look on his face like "mom,M O M ..aren't you coming too ?!" I realized there went my last major "have to." The early morning sky which had been threatening rain, decided to let go a bit. I decided to last time. After family all living so close together ( except for Dalboy who was flying solo out in Salt Lake ) my next Very Favorite thing about Phoenix was - without question - our pool. It took me 52 years to get one, and I was Not disappointed !! I have Always wanted one. And this one was So awesome. Maybe not the look as it was a pretty generic rectangular shape. But the view as we backed right up to a desert preserve and the most Beautiful mountain was perfect. It was The reason I chose the house. As I pulled up with the relator, I seriously gasped. Who cares about the layout, let's buy a desert mountain. It came with scorpions and a rattle snakes. But also rabbits galore that came in our yard all the time, swooping hawks and jaw-dropping sunsets. Every move has the give and take. Back to the pool. Yes, the view was gorgeous..but even better than that really was the fact that it was Ours. I never have the water all to myself - this was new and it was W O N D E R F U L. Talk about Zen, meditation an attitude of gratitude ..this was it all rolled up in one cannonball. And the best of the best..Kerriann taught me how to float on my back. Never could do it. What have I been doing all these years ?! I went swimming almost daily, sometimes more than once. Couldn't reach me the past two years..this is why. Am I making my point clear enough over how much I loved being in my water ?! So I get in by myself for this last swim. It starts to rain. It feels delicious. If I were to get hit by lightning I reason that it would be the best way possible for me to ever go. I stay in and float with the rain tickling my face. I open my eyes to see a beautiful coyote standing on a rock. He is in hunting mode and either doesn't see me or doesn't care. A Hollywood director couldn't have placed a character better. I remain in floating mode so as not to scare him off. This is so incredible..and then 3 other coyotes come right up to our fence. It was the desert saying good bye to me. I started crying. It was truly a gift from God. I like those kind.

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